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It's Hip to Dip!

by Ilana Simon

It's Hip to Dip!

There's something unique about sharing a fondue with family and friends around your table. Everyone is relaxed — including the host — and the pace of the intimate meal is as leisurely as you want.

For anyone old enough to remember the 1970s, the fondue also carries with it a certain nostalgia. Remember those college and après ski fondue parties? The obligatory fondue pot given as a bridal shower or wedding gift? Well, fondues are back, and once again, it’s hip to dip!

In recent years, sales of fondue pots — ranging from traditional flame-burning fondues to the sleek, new, easy-to-use electric versions — have skyrocketed. You’ll find them everywhere, on cookware websites and on the shelves of kitchen stores. Restaurants devoted to fondue have cropped up around North America, and new generations are discovering the allure of the fondue tradition.

Fonduing is a fun and easy way to entertain and is more sociable than your typical dinner party. But you needn’t wait for a special occasion to get retro and partake in no-fuss fondue. In today’s fast-paced world, a romantic, lingering fondue for two offers an opportunity to enjoy one another’s company while savoring melted comfort food.

Today’s fondue goes well beyond the standard duo of cheese and chocolate — international cooking styles present a plethora of fondue possibilities, such as Mongolian Hot Pot, Japanese Sukiyaki and Tempura, spicy Indian curries and Mexican bubbling cheese fondues, as well as simmering Middle Eastern, Thai and Italian broths. And unlike the fondues of yesterday — never exactly low in fat — many of the new varieties have a healthier twist, with fresh foods swished in flavorful broths instead of oil.

Ultimately, fonduing is all about fun and relaxation. For the host, a fondue party requires only a little shopping, chopping, marinating and grating. After that, it’s the guests who do the work: cooking, dipping, dunking and devouring. Isn't it time to host a fondue party of your own?


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Ilana Simon


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