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The Food Processor from A to Z

by George Geary and Judith Finlayson

The Food Processor from A to Z

Are you one of the many people with a food processor tucked in the back of your cupboard? If so, dig it out. Seriously. I guarantee that your food processor will soon become the most versatile and useful appliance you’ve ever had in your kitchen.

If you don’t have one – buy one. But, not until you’re read 650 Best Food Processor Recipes by George Geary and Judith Finlayson. Why? Because they tell you how to purchase the best unit for your needs. They not only supply you with comprehensive information on the food processor itself, but also on its safe usage and basic parts and attachments, plus they’ve included an A to Z list of ingredients and how to process each one. But, that’s not all – extensive tips and techniques round out this complete reference to an appliance that should be in every home kitchen.

This book also features superb and innovative recipes that have been specifically created for use with food processors. From appetizers to soups to main courses to pastas and desserts (yes, you can even make cookies, cakes and pastry dough), these recipes make full use of this indispensable kitchen appliance.

Many of the recipes have also been designed so that the bowl does not need to be cleaned along the way – another huge time-saver that will be appreciated by families like mine who are continually pressed for time.

My food processor is now the most used kitchen appliance I own, and 650 Best Food Processor Recipes my go-to guide for fast and easy recipes that my family raves about for days!


Get more info like this in 650 Best Food Processor Recipes

George Geary & Judith Finlayson


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