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Tips on Purchasing a Food Processor

by Judith Finlayson

Tips on Purchasing a Food Processor

Are you one of the many people with a food processor tucked in the back of your cupboard? If so, dig it out. Seriously. I guarantee that your food processor will soon become the most versatile and useful appliance you’ve ever had in your kitchen.

If you don’t have one – buy one. But, not until you’re read 650 Best Food Processor Recipes by George Geary and Judith Finlayson. Why? Because they tell you how to purchase the best unit for your needs. They not only supply you with comprehensive information on the food processor itself, but also on its safe usage and basic parts and attachments, plus they’ve included an A to Z list of ingredients and how to process each one. But, that’s not all – extensive tips and techniques round out this complete reference to an appliance that should be in every home kitchen.


A food processor has interchangeable blades that are used for shredding, blending, chopping or slicing food. Many companies classify small choppers as food processors. However, for the purposes of this book, we have defined a food processor as an appliance that has interchangeable blades that can slice and shred as well as chop. In general terms, the appliance is categorized according to size, based on a cup amount.


Food processors fall into the following categories:

  Small Choppers / 1- to 2-cup capacities

These are great for very small jobs in which you only need to chop. These machines work well on herbs or even coffee beans.

  Small Food Processors / 4- to 9-cup capacities

These are great for small jobs that may include puréeing, shredding and slicing. They are perfect for one or two or a small family.

  Medium Food Processors / 12- to 14-cup capacities

This size of processor is the kitchen workhorse. It can do all jobs. Most of the recipes in this book will work with a machine of this size. Large Food Processors 20-cup or more capacities Large food processors are for large families or for people who entertain a lot.

  3-in-1 Food Processors

Many of the newer models have three bowls that nest in each other. They can be cumbersome to use because all the bowls may need to fit together properly before the machine will run. However, they are convenient in terms of cleanup. You can use the smaller bowls first and then the larger ones, which means you don't have to wash up until you're finished processing. The mini-bowl attachment is a small bowl that works with its own metal blade. It's perfect for chopping dry herbs or garlic cloves. It's also great for processing recipes with smaller yields such as salad dressings, salsas and dips.