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Indoor Grill

It's Grilling and Smoking Season ~ What Utensils Do You Need?

by Ilana Simon

The right tool can make all the difference when you’re grilling and smoking. You can find these tools in kitchen shops, hardware stores or barbecue and grill stores. Because they’ll be used outdoors and in contact with heat and smoke, choose utensils that are heavy, of superior quality, and very dur...

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Add Some Pizzazz to Your Grill!

by Kathleen Sloan-McIntosh

Here is all really need to know about marinades, spice pastes and sauces: they are designed to add flavor, pizzazz and, in some cases, to tenderize certain cuts of meat. A marinade can be as simple as a one-ingredient preparation such as a couple of steaks submerged in red wine before grilling. Gene...

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