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Reheating Food in Your Microwave

by Johanna Burkhard

Reheating Food in Your Microwave

A microwave is a cook’s best friend and has become the most-beloved appliance in the kitchen. More than 90 per cent of North American households now have one. Preparing healthy delicious meals in a flash is also far easier than you think.


Tips on Reheating Food in Your Microwave:

• Store leftovers in a microwave-safe container for convenient reheating.

• Always cover foods with a lid, microwave-safe plate, vented plastic wrap (provided it does not touch the food) or parchment or waxed paper to create steam and to promote even heating. This is especially important when using the sensor reheat feature of your microwave.

• For casseroles that can be stirred or when reheating soups, liquids and foods in sauces or gravy, stir or rearrange foods often to promote even heating.

• Pasta, rice, grains and cereals reheat well on High. It may be necessary to add a small amount of water or stock — from 1 to 2 tbsp (15 to 25 mL) — for added moisture to create steam when reheating,

• Protein foods, such as chicken, meat including sliced roast beef, meat loaf, and eggs, benefit from being reheated on lower settings — Medium (50%) (new ovens) or Medium-High (70%) (older or lower-wattage ovens) — to prevent toughening. Add a small amount of stock or sauce to chicken and meat to help create steam and promote even heating.

• Vegetables overcook easily, so reheat on Medium (50%) or Medium-High (70%), stirring occasionally.

• Allow reheated foods to stand briefly before serving. Foods can appear cooler on the surface than they are inside and can cause mouth burns

• Reheated foods should reach a steaming temperature (160°F/70°C) before serving.

• Food should steam throughout, not just around the edges. The center bottom of the plate or utensil containing the food should be very hot to the touch.


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Johanna Burkhard


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