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Going Global with Yogurt…

By Pat Crocker

Going Global with Yogurt…

There is no doubt about it. What you eat affects not only who you are and what you can accomplish, but also how you look and feel, including your overall health and vitality.

Science has shown that 'friendly' bacteria in yogurt actually help us digest our food, improving nutrient and mineral (especially calcium) absorption, boosting the body's natural defenses and fighting off harmful bacteria.

For a long time now we have known about the health benefits of aligning our eating patterns with those of Mediterranean populations. We have discovered that people living particularly in Greece and southern Italy have long life expectancies due to diet and other lifestyle factors. Their secret: Eat very little red meat and fill up on a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains and legumes, olive oil, fish, seafood, and—yogurt.

Recipes with a distinct Italian, Greek, Turkish or Baltic flair are abundant in Pat Crocker’s new book, The Yogurt Bible, because these cultures use yogurt in ways that make the most of its unique attributes. We have so much to learn about the healthy eating customs of other cultures, and one of the most delicious traditions is that of eating fresh, tangy yogurt as a snack and including it as an ingredient in mealtime dishes.

So, I say it’s time to ‘go global’ and incorporate more yogurt into our diets. The Yogurt Bible features 200 delicious recipes—more than 20 stand-alone yogurt recipes followed by recipes that feature yogurt as a main ingredient as well as topping recipes.

I’ve found that making yogurt at home to be so easy and satisfying that I’ve begun using it to replace other commercial and higher-fat items like sour cream, mayonnaise and cream cheese. And, my kids actually prefer the taste of my homemade yogurt over store-bought.

What’s even better is that I can control almost all of the tastes and variations, from the sweetness to the thickness. And, I decide on what ingredients to use, from organic cow’s milk purchased from a farmers’ market to ingredients found at my local grocer.

The choice is mine—and yours.


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Pat Crocker


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