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Ice Cream Makers

Ice Cream Makers

Chill and stir: then, as now, these were the basic instructions for making ice cream. Today, nothing much has changed except that an electric machine can do the work instead of your arm, churning the mixture as it freezes and incorporating air into it. 

You can make ice cream in the freezer, using a metal cake pan, but the resulting texture is closer to that of frozen cream (tasty enough but not as appealing in its mouth feel). Scientists have also demonstrated that adding liquid nitrogen to flavored cream instantly produces ice cream, but this party trick is worth avoiding, since liquid nitrogen can burn exposed skin.

Price is certainly a factor to consider when purchasing an ice cream maker, but it’s worth remembering that the easier the machine is to use and the faster it produces results, the more you will use it. Every machine has the basics: a bowl, a dasher (its churning paddles) and a freezing mechanism.

There are basically four different kinds of units:

·       Built-in compressor units

·       Manual and electric canister units

·       Ice-and-rock-salt units

·       Refrigerator freezers


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