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Features to Look for in a Panini Maker

by Tiffany Collins

Features to Look for in a Panini Maker

Features to look for in a panini maker:

· Many panini makers offer a retro look, with stainless-steel housing. These look nice on countertops, and as I always say, if it’s stored away in a box, chances are you won’t use it.

· A floating top plate can be adjusted so that it is level, rather than at an angle, when shut. This feature is useful when your panini contains ingredients that might ooze out if the sandwich was pressed at an angle.

· Pop-out plates are easy to remove and dishwasher-safe. Some models come with two types of plates — grill plates and flat griddle plates — allowing you to choose between grilling and toasting. (One note of caution: I used the dishwasher to clean grill plates and ended up damaging them. So even if your grill plates claim to be dishwasher-safe, I’d wash them by hand to be on the safe side.)

· Some models offer a larger surface area than others. However, most of the recipes in this book are for 2 sandwiches, which will fit comfortably in the regular-sized panini makers.

· Indicator lights, adjustable temperature controls, heat-resistant handles and hidden cord storage are all great features.

· Plastic scrapers will help you scrape up all the yummy cheese that inevitably melts onto the plates. If your panini maker doesn’t come with one, and is nonstick, make sure to use a plastic or wood spatula to scrape the plates, as metal will damage the nonstick surface.

· Many grill plates are designed to drain grease away from food, for much healthier cooking. Drip cups are a valuable feature if you intend to use your panini maker to grill meats or juicy veggies in addition to making panini.

· An upright storage design allows you to stow your panini maker in more compact spaces.


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Tiffany Collins


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