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Air-Fried Ratatouille (vegetarian)

By Camilla Saulsbury

Air-Fried Ratatouille (vegetarian)


Air-Fried Ratatouille (vegetarian)
from page 204 175 Best Air Fryer Recipes by Camilla Saulsbury 


Ratatouille is a late-summer / early fall recipe with multiple charms. Air-frying makes the whole process a breeze and also cooks the dish perfectly without losing the essential texture and flavors of the individual vegetables. The dish is less stewy and more salad-like than a typical ratatouille, but with its concentrated flavor and fresh texture, along with a kick of garlic, it may soon become your favorite.

Makes 4 servings



  Preheat air fryer to 360°F (180°C)

8              cherry or grape tomatoes                               8

2              cloves garlic, minced                                    2

1              small red bell pepper, cut into 12-inch (1 cm) pieces  1

112 cups  cubed eggplant (12-inch/1 cm cubes) 375 mL

12 cup     cubed zucchini (12-inch/1 cm cubes) 125 mL

13 cup     coarsely chopped onion                        75 mL

2 tsp         olive oil                                                  10 mL

14 tsp      salt                                                           1 mL

18 tsp      freshly cracked black pepper                 0.5 mL

14 cup     chopped fresh basil                                60 mL

2 tbsp       freshly grated Parmesan cheese            30 mL


1. In a large bowl, toss together tomatoes, garlic, red pepper, eggplant, zucchini, onion, oil, salt and pepper until coated.

2. Transfer vegetables to air fryer basket. Air-fry for 13 to 17 minutes, shaking the basket every 5 minutes, until vegetables are tender. Serve sprinkled with basil and Parmesan.




One medium plum (Roma) tomato, diced, may be used in place of the cherry tomatoes.

An equal amount of fresh flat-leaf (Italian) parsley leaves can be used in place of the basil.