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Big Blue (juicing)

Steve Prussack & Julie Prussack

Big Blue (juicing)


Big Blue

 From: Juice Guru: Transform Your Life with One Juice a Day by Steve Prussack & Julie Prussack

Makes about 
2 cups (500 mL)


Your kids will love the color of this blue juice and its sweet taste—they’re out of this world (not to mention nutritious)! The berries combine with the apples and beet to create a sweet, tangy and vibrant flavor experience. Blueberries provide vitamins C and K, as well as manganese, and have been shown to benefit cognition and support cardiovascular health. Beets contain folate, potassium, copper and iron.


3       red apples, cored and sliced  3

14     beet, halved               14

1 cup   blueberries             250 mL

Using a juicer, process half each of the apples, beet and blueberries. Following the same order, repeat with the remaining fruit. Whisk well and serve immediately.


Juice Guru’s Tip

We like to have fun with kids when preparing juice. One way is by making funny faces out of the fruit and veggies before juicing them. In this case, you can create eyes from the blueberries, a large nose out of the beet, and a big smile with an apple wedge. Get creative and have fun!