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Bombay Turkey (Rice Cooker)

by Chef Katie Chin

Bombay Turkey (Rice Cooker)

Makes 4 servings

I love to serve this dish in the fall, when the combination of crisp apple, squash and yellow peppers seems to match the colors of the season. Enjoy!

Tips: To avoid tearing up when you're chopping onions, try refrigerating the onions for 30 minutes first, and don't cut the root off.

• Medium to large rice cooker; fuzzy logic or on/off


2 tbsp            ghee           30 mL

1 tbsp            curry powder            15 mL

1 tsp            salt            5 mL

1⁄2 tsp            garam masala            2 mL

1⁄2 tsp            ground cumin            2 mL

1⁄4 tsp            freshly ground black pepper            1 mL

1 lb            lean ground turkey            500 g

1 cup            finely chopped onion            250 mL

1⁄2            yellow bell pepper, finely chopped            1⁄2

1 cup            pearl barley            250 mL

1 cup            diced acorn or butternut squash            250 mL

1⁄2 cup            diced Granny Smith or other tart apple            125 mL

2 cups            chicken broth            500 mL

1. Set the rice cooker for the Quick Cook or Regular cycle. When the bottom of the bowl gets hot, add ghee and swirl to coat. Sauté curry powder, salt, garam masala, cumin and pepper for 1 minute. Add turkey and onion; sauté, breaking turkey up with the back of a spoon, for 4 to 5 minutes or until turkey is no longer pink.

2. Stir in yellow pepper, barley, squash, apple and broth. Close the lid and reset for the Regular cycle. Set a timer for 40 minutes.

3. When the timer sounds, check to make sure barley is tender. If necessary, continue cooking, checking for doneness every 5 minutes. Switch to the Keep Warm cycle and let stand for 10 minutes, then serve immediately.

Variation: Bombay Chicken: Substitute lean ground chicken for the turkey.


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