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Florentine Sandwich

Jennifer Williams

Florentine Sandwich

 Florentine Sandwich (vegetarian)

page 33, 150 Best Breakfast Sandwich Maker Recipes by Jennifer Williams

Simple, elegant and low-calorie, this spinach and egg creation with a light mustard-yogurt spread will delight your taste buds.

PREP time: 2 minutes

  • Preheat breakfast sandwich maker


1 tbsp   plain yogurt     30 mL

12 tsp    Dijon mustard    2 mL

1      English muffin, split in half   1

14 cup   baby spinach leaves    60 mL

          Nonstick cooking spray

1     large egg     1

Pinch    salt (optional)    Pinch

Pinch    freshly ground black pepper (optional)   Pinch                                 


Spread yogurt and mustard on split side of one English muffin half. Place muffin half, spread side up, in bottom ring of sandwich maker. Top with spinach.

Lower the cooking plate and top ring. Lightly spray the plate with cooking spray, then crack the egg into the ring. Pierce top of egg yolk with a toothpick or plastic fork. Season with salt and pepper (if using). Place the other muffin half, split side down, on top of the egg.

Gently close the cover and cook for 4 to 5 minutes or until egg is cooked to your liking. Rotate cooking plate away from sandwich maker and lift rings. Use a plastic or nylon spatula to remove the sandwich. Serve immediately.


Use any variety of mustard you like in place of the Dijon mustard. Good options include coarse, stone-ground and honey mustard. I personally would not use yellow mustard, as it does not add the same extra zing to this sandwich.

cook time: 4 to 5 minutes


Any remaining spinach leaves make a great addition to other sandwiches or a delicious salad for lunch.

For an open-face sandwich, leave the top half of the English muffin off.