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This is not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker…

This is not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker…

Yes, slow cookers of the '70s have given way to sleeker, more versatile models and recipes that go far beyond soups and stews. But, for me, it’s all about the organization and convenience rather than the technology.

There’s nothing worse than coming home at the end of a long day and having to frantically figure out what to throw together for dinner. And, with the economy being a lot tougher these days, my family has now taken to affectionately calling our slow cooker the ‘recession-fighting machine.’

This handy and versatile appliance can be your new best friend – it’s so easy to operate, and the fact that slow cookers now comes in so many styles and sizes, makes it ideal for every kitchen, no matter how small or large your family and home may be.

I especially love the fact that while my slow cooker is making our dinner I can attend to other chores around the house or simply spend some extra time with the kids. And, who isn’t seeking more free time in their life?

We often make vegetarian recipes, meals for 1-2 people (when the kids are away), I use a terrific slow cooker book by Donna-Marie Pye called Slow Cooker Winners to instruct me as to how to get two meals out of one and how to create memorable feasts for up to 16 (you’ll be as grateful as I am for your slow cooker come Thanksgiving and Christmas).

The slow cooker is my lifesaver. Donna-Marie Pye is my lifeguard.


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